B2 — středně pokročilí

  • Základní učebnice: New Total English Upper-Intermediate
  • Rozdělení kurzu:
    • B2-I (lekce 1-3)
    • B2-II (lekce 4-7)
    • B2-III (lekce 8-10)

Profil studenta: Student rozumí delším promluvám, pokud téma dobře zná, je schopen vést dialog s rodilým mluvčím a dokáže se plynule vyjádřit k tématům, která ho zajímají, rozumí psaným textům na konkrétní témata.

Obsah kurzu:

B2-I — středně pokročilí

  • Topics:
    • Connect
    • Making a good first impression
    • Expressing your opinion and managing a conversation
    • Managing a conversation
    • Talking about obligation and abilities
    • Talking about past and present members of your family
    • Explore
    • Talking in detail about your experience
    • Describing situations and feelings
    • Asking for information and giving detailed answers
    • Adding detail
    • Expressing opinions about places and making comparisons
    • Asking and answering questions in an interview
    • Telling a clear and engaging story
    • Engaging your listener
    • Talking about inventions and reaching agreement
    • Reaching an agreement
    • Giving a clear, well-prepared talk expressing personal opinions
    • Telling a short anecdote
  • Vocabulary:
    • Taking part in a conversation and making small talk
    • Ways of speaking
    • Making adjectives from nouns
    • Keeping in touch
    • Phrasal verbs
    • Weather
    • Expressions with go
    • Time expression
    • Adjectives and adverbs
    • Verb phrases with take
    • Making nouns
  • Grammar:
    • Overview: the present and the future
    • The past
    • Obligation and ability
    • Present perfect simple and continuous
    • Questions
    • Modifying comparatives
    • Past perfect simple and continuous
    • Articles

B2-II — středně pokročilí

  • Topics:
    • Work
    • Discussing how you spend your time
    • Making your point in a confident way
    • Discussing attitudes to clothes and workplace
    • Taking part in an interview for a job or course
    • Talking about real and imagined risky activities
    • Talking about different sports
    • Describing and choosing films
    • Participating actively in a debate
    • Making sure your point is heard
    • Describing personal memories
    • Giving a detailed reaction to a book
    • Giving your opinions and justifying your choices
    • Describing food and different attitudes to food
    • Explaining a problem and request a solution
    • Complaining about goods and services
    • Talking about luxuries and necessities
    • Communicating clearly in a restaurant, a shop and a hairdresser´s
  • Vocabulary:
    • Work
    • Talking about certain and uncertain future plans
    • Verb phrases about time
    • Collocations with prepositions
    • Risk
    • Verb phrases about challenge
    • Sport
    • Phrasal verbs with out
    • Distances and dimensions
    • Appearance
    • Feelings
    • Idioms to describe people
    • Excess
    • Food and cooking
    • Verb phrases about shopping
    • Prefixes
  • Grammar:
    • Futures
    • Future perfect and future continuous
    • –ing forms and infinitives
    • Conditional structures
    • Advice and permission
    • Emphasis
    • Used to, be used to, get used to, would
    • Wishes and regrets
    • Preparatory it
    • Quantifiers with countable and uncountable nouns
    • Passives
    • Have/ get something done

B2-III — středně pokročilí

  • Topics:
    • Success
    • Describing how you behave in different situation
    • Introducing general and specific points
    • Reporting and describing what people say to you
    • Reporting the results of a survey
    • Taking an active part in a discussion
    • Crime
    • Telling a short anecdote
    • Speculating about past and present events
    • Taking part in a discussion about crime and punishment
    • Understanding the news
    • Solving problems with other people
    • Mind
    • Discussing your beliefs and opinions
    • Persuading someone to do something
    • Talking about wishes and intentions for the future
    • Describing what kind of person you are and how you think/ learn
  • Vocabulary:
    • Events and celebrations
    • Describing personality
    • Adjectives and intensifiers
    • Phrasal verbs with three parts
    • Crime
    • Law and insurance
    • Compound adjectives
    • News headlines
    • Mind
    • Persuasion
    • Verb phrases with mind
    • Commonly misspelt words
  • Grammar:
    • Relative clauses
    • It´s time, I´d rather, I´d better
    • Reported speech
    • Reporting verbs
    • Participle clauses for sequencing
    • Deduction: past and present
    • Relative clauses
    • Reflexive pronouns
    • Conditional structures: with conjunctions
    • Futures

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