Teaching methodology

The main objective of our school is to provide the highest quality of courses.

The teachers in our language school place great emphasis on stimulating all their students, especially in terms of their active involvement in the lesson. To ensure this goal is incorporated, they include various teaching methods (e.g. participation and discussion methods, educational games etc.).

In addition to the stimulating methods, another integral part of the traditional form of teaching is the methodology plan set for a given time and day and in regular intervals, as well as group forms of teaching (some lessons are conducted as a discussion and work in smaller groups, speaking with one another, control exercises, problem solving in groups).

We apply a combination of communication and lexical methods to actively engage students in the lesson and teach them how to use basic and technical vocabulary, including grammar, in the context of the given subject. The emphasis is on expanding vocabulary and its use in real life situations. A key feature of this approach is memorising specific vocabulary for specific purposes (i.e. primarily for presentations, writing specialized texts, meetings etc.).

An important part of a good quality lesson is feedback from the teacher, who in addition to positive motivation, helps students to realize their own shortcomings and encourages them to correct their own mistakes. Even in group courses, each student is given special attention as teachers take an individual approach during lessons.

Monitoring the quality of teaching

All of our methodological procedures guarantee the high quality of our lessons. We place great emphasis on the selection of teachers who are the key elements in our educational programme. The work of the teachers is monitored by the methodology department, which is involved in the strict selection of teachers, and also provides didactic support for existing teachers and supervises compliance with methodology plans and the overall quality of teaching through regular inspections conducted during lessons.

We regularly organize methodology seminars and workshops for our teachers which aim to further educate and therefore improve the quality of our services.

Teaching coordinators also aim to meet all the requirements and the specific wishes of our students. Our company objective is maximum satisfaction with the provided services. For this reason, we prepare satisfaction questionnaires on a regular basis and respond flexibly to suggestions from students and solve any problems immediately.

The guarantee of good quality teaching is considered as a fixed rule that our company follows on a long-term basis.

Methodical Plans

Our professional team has prepared methodical plans for every level of the basic taught languages, allowing us to guarantee advancement to higher levels over a certain period of time. For other languages that are not specified below, please contact any of our branches. The methodological plans for less common languages ​​are prepared according to previous courses and after consultation with a particular tutor of the course.

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