A2 — pre-intermediate

  • Main teaching material: Česky krok za krokem (Lída Holá): units 13-24
  • Division of the course:
    • A2-I (units 13-18)
    • A2-II (units 19-24)
  • Aim of the course: At the end of the two-semester course, the student will be able to understand basic life situations, will be able to use basic phrases for elementary telephone conversations, will be able to call for help, make an appointment with a doctor, ask for directions and can describe directions, book a restaurant, hotel room etc… The student will be able to carry out a simple social conversation on topics such as family, hobbies, job, interests, culture, weather, plans for the future and wishes. Student will be able to decipher important information in simple texts such as in a program, leaflet, menu, advertisement, newspapers or time table. Student will be able to write a simple formal and informal mail, write an advertisement and a CV.

Content of the course:

A2-I – pre-intermediate

  • Topics:
    • Excuses and wishes
    • What we are like
    • Talking about the weather
    • Technology and communication
    • Fashion
    • Clothes in different seasons
    • We´re moving
    • Talking about life
    • Curriculum Vitae
    • What we dream about
  • Vocabulary:
    • Characteristics
    • The weather
    • Electronics, computers, the Internet
    • Emails, telephones, messages, post
    • Clothing, clothes shopping
    • Moving, trades and services
    • Information from a CV
    • Life stages
    • Social conversation
    • Personal relationships
  • Grammar:
    • Conditional
    • Adjectives x adverbs
    • Comparison of adjectives
    • The dative singular, verbs and prepositions used with dative
    • Dative object-centered constructions
    • The words mít rád x líbit se x chutnat
    • The instrumental singular, prepositions
    • The declension on of interrogative, indefinite and negative pronouns
    • The relative pronoun který
    • Verbs used with preposition o and locative

A2-II – pre-intermediate

  • Topics:
    • Parents and children
    • Orders
    • Cooking and weighing
    • We like animals
    • Talking about work
    • A job interview
    • Culture and us
    • The Czech Republic step by step
  • Vocabulary:
    • Dos and don´ts
    • Imperative in various communicative situations
    • Expresssing advice or suggestions
    • Recipes, kitchen tools, verbs connected to cooking
    • Jobs
    • Communication at work
    • Culture
    • Art (films, music, paintings…)
    • Buildings and monuments
  • Grammar:
    • The imperative
    • The vocative
    • The partitive and possesive genitive
    • The genitive plural
    • The nominative and accusative plural
    • Counting in Czech
    • Ordinal numbers
    • Verbs with the reflexive se and si
    • The reflexive passive
    • Diminutives
    • Standard and everyday spoken Czech

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