A1 - elementary

  • Main teaching material: Česky krok za krokem 1 (Lída Holá): units 1-12
  • Division of the course:
    • A1-I (units 1-6)
    • A1-II (units 7-12)
  • Absolute beginner who has never studied the language or only minimally.
  • Aim of the course: At the end of the two-semester course the student will be able to understand basic phrases and expressions from everyday life and will be able to use them. The student will be able to introduce himself/herself basically, will be able to introduce himself/herself and their relatives to others and will be able to ask simple questions to other people. He/She will understand basic communications which are linked to basic needs if the speaker speaks slowly and clearly. The student will be able to understand basic signs on notice boards in shops, in means of transport, at the doctor´s, in a restaurant and so on. The student will be able to write a brief text about a place where he/she lives, about people he/she knows and what he/she usually does.

Content of the course:

A1-I — Elementary

  • Topics:
    • Introduction (formal and informal)
    • Shopping
    • Family
    • What´s the time
    • Daily routine
    • Orientation
    • Formal and informal conversation on the phone
    • Ordering food and drinks in a restaurant
    • Saying what you like, have and want
    • Famous people
  • Vocabulary:
    • Numerals
    • Food and drinks
    • Professions
    • Adjectives
    • Family members
    • Parts of days, days of the week
    • Daily activities
    • Means of transport
    • Expressing place, locations
    • Countries, nations, languages
  • Grammar:
    • Alphabet
    • Personal pronouns
    • The verb to be and to have
    • The grammatical gender
    • Present tense
    • Irregular verbs
    • Negative and questions
    • Possesive pronouns and possesive adjectives
    • Construction: to be happy
    • Modal verbs must, can
    • Question Where? Models of locative singular
    • Phrase: I´m glad that…
    • The accusative singular, prepositions with accusative
    • To know in Czech
    • Past tense

A1-II — Elementary

  • Topics:
    • House and flat description
    • Looking for accommodations
    • Furnishing a flat or house
    • Planning our weekend
    • Free time activities
    • Invitation to visit
    • Cleaning up
    • Description of human body
    • At the doctor´s office
    • Travelling
    • Holidays
  • Vocabulary:
    • Furniture and accessories
    • Acronyms in advertisements
    • House/flat equipment, names of rooms
    • Free time activities, sport, holiday
    • Shops
    • Parts of human body
    • Health problems
    • Housework
    • Travelling, offers made by travel agencies
    • Traditional holidays
  • Grammar:
    • Accusative and nominative pl.
    • The date
    • The future tense
    • Expressing direction. Question kam? (do, na, k)
    • Indefinite and negative pronouns
    • The future tense of go (jít, jet, letět)
    • Personal pronouns in the dative and accusative
    • Accusative object-centered constructions
    • Verbs of motion
    • Prefixes and their meaning
    • The genitive singular, prepositions with genitive
    • Imperfective/perfective verbs

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