Post-secondary Study

Master Languages and Have the World at Your Feet!

Study English, German, French, Spanish, or Russian and get an international certificate!

Language rules the world, and with Jipka, you’ll be in charge, too! In this morning intensive course (20x45 minutes per week) you'll have the chance to expand your knowledge of English and other languages you choose. When the course is over, you'll be ready to take an internationally recognised exam. Our students' success rate is 95%!

What's more, you can study a second language with us free of charge or with 50 % discount! We’re the only school in the Czech Republic to offer up to 53 world languages, so you’ll have a truly broad selection!

When it comes to post-secondary instruction, we've got you covered. We've been teaching languages since 1998 and our courses are planned down to the detail. You can look forward to project days, cultural experiences, and the chance to go for an abroad trip.

Instruction takes place in up-to-date classrooms equipped with the latest technology (including tablets, videos, etc.). Courses are led by experienced Czech instructors and native speakers, with the appropriate education in language instruction.

We offer post-secondary courses in English and other languages at the following Jipka locations:

  • PragueJipka Národní/Můstek – Prague 1 | Jipka Butovice – Prague 5 | Jipka Palmovka – Prague 8
  • BrnoJipka Brno – Radnická 1
  • PilsenJipka Pilsen – Rooseveltova 10/9
  • Hradec KrálovéJipka Hradec Králové – S. K. Neumanna 1257/14

Reserve and pay for your course by June 30, and get a discount of up to CZK 3,000!*

* Prague, Brno, Hradec Králové - discount CZK 3,000. Plisen - discount CZK 1,000.

How much do post-secondary courses cost, and what are the benefits of studying with Jipka?Nahoru

Course price CZK 27,999*
Discount for paying by June 30 CZK 3,000**
2 extra courses free
ISIC card free
Sample examination free
Textbooks 10% discount
Supplementary materials free
Registration for an international exam CZK 150 discount
Invite a friend CZK 1,000 discount**
Initial test fee free

* total price, not subject to VAT

** discounts may not be combined

Course price CZK 21,900*
2 extra courses free
ISIC card free
Sample examination free
Textbooks 10% discount
Supplementary materials free
Registration for an international exam CZK 150 discount
Invite a friend CZK 500 discount
Initial test fee free

* total price, not subject to VAT

What are the other benefits of post-secondary study with Jipka?

  • The cheapest form of year-round study
  • The option to spread tuition payments out without increasing the total price
  • Students with proof of acceptance to university have their tuition refunded (if proof of acceptance is furnished by 30/9)
  • Free ISIC card
  • Registration for the KET/PET/FCE/CAE exam right in the Jipka offices
  • Up-to-date classrooms easily accessible to transport, equipped with free Wi-Fi
  • Help finding accommodation
  • The chance to take part in cultural events linked to the language you study (film festivals, lectures, etc.)

We guarantee your success on international exams!

We guarantee our students will successfully pass international exams. If you don't pass the first time around, we'll enroll you for further preparation in our standard group courses free of charge. All you have to do is meet three simple conditions:

  • Take part in at least 80% of the instruction offered
  • Successfully pass the Jipka practice test
  • Have a recommendation from your instructor

Do you know the facts about post-secondary study?

Post-secondary study is governed by MEYS Decree No. 19/2014 Coll., as amended.

All students who have obtained their school leaving certificate in the preceding academic year in the Czech Republic retain the status of student, with all the benefits that entails (family contributions, tax deductions, reduced transport fares, and state-paid social security and health insurance).

Upon successfully completing post secondary study and fulfilling the requirements, the student receives a certificate from MEYS and Jipka testifying to successful completion of the post-secondary language course.

Language courses are led by native speakers and Czech instructors. All instructors have teaching or language certificates in keeping with MEYS requirements.

Instructional materials for post-secondary study

Courses employ the following instructional materials:


  • Preparation for KET: Objective KET, New Total English Elementary
  • Preparation for PET: PET Preliminary, New Total English Intermediate
  • Preparation for FCE: Gold First 2015, New Total English Upper-intermediate
  • Preparation for CAE: Gold Advanced 2015, New Total English Advanced


  • Fit fürs Zertifikat B1, Tangram Aktuell


  • Alter Ego


  • Nuevo Ven


  • Raduga po novomu

Our lessons also make use of a wide variety of supplementary materials. They include magazine articles, supplementary exercises from other textbooks, grammatical exercises, audio materials, video materials, games and more.

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