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Student discounts and methods of payment


It pays to be a student at Jipka Language School! We enable all our students to pay tuition fees in two instalments, without increasing the total price.  In addition, we have prepared some great discounts:

  • 15% loyalty discount,
  • 5% discount for current Jipka who have not applied their loyalty discount for a follow-up course on,
  • 5% discount for former Jipka students who resumed their studies after a gap of several semesters,
  • 10% discount for students upon presentation of a valid student card,
  • 10% discount for persons over 60 upon presentation of a valid identity card,
  • 10% discount for unemployed people registered with the unemployment office, upon presentation of a document with proof,
  • 10% discount for parents on parental leave upon presentation of a document with proof,
  • 5% discount on signing up to the second course (the discount applies for each course),
  • 10 % discount on signing up to a third course (the discount applies for each course),
  • Family discount – when ordering a number of courses for individual family members (grandparents/parents/children/siblings) - you can apply for 5% up to 10% discount for two or more courses).

Methods of payment

In addition to great discounts, we try to help our students as much as we can, and accept the following forms of payment:

  • Credit card payment in the providers office,
  • On-line credit card payments,
  • Bank transfer (we issue invoices for the full amount, or for additional tuition fees),
  • Gift vouchers,
  • Benefit vouchers (FlexiPass, SmartPass, TicketBenefits, TicketMulti, TiketCompliments, Unišek, Unišek and Dárkový Pass),
  • Via benefit systems (Benefit Management, s.r.o., Benefity, a.s., Cafeteria System, HR Guru, s.r.o., Ticket Benefits Card, Amexx Selects).

When paying with benefit vouchers or via benefit systems, none of the available discounts apply. Individual discounts cannot be accumulated or applied retrospectively. Vouchers or points paid through benefit systems cannot be redeemed for cash.

Deadlines for payment of tuition fees

You can book the language course of your choice either in person in our branch office or online. In both cases, you will need to pay a minimum of 50% of the tuition fee within 5 working days from making the order. The remaining part of the tuition fee can be paid by the second lesson (after the start of the course). You will be reminded of the payment of the tuition fee by phone or email. In this way, we can negotiate payment terms or payment of the remaining part of the fee.

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