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The key to success in today’s world is language skills, especially English language knowledge. Jipka Language School offers premium English courses and a further 52 language options at all advance levels and specialises in group, individual and corporate courses. Our language courses will prepare you for international language exams, business meetings, graduation exams, professional exams and situations encountered in everyday life. All our language courses are conducted by top quality and experienced teachers with the appropriate linguistic and pedagogical education. Specialized courses (e.g. medical, legal, business etc.) are taught by teachers specialising in the given subject; no exceptions are made for junior courses, which are also taught by proven teachers.

Choose from a wide range of courses at 9 locations in the Czech Republic. Jipka Language School currently runs 5 branches in Praha: Jipka Národní - Praha 1 | Jipka Flora - Praha 3 | Jipka I. P. Pavlova - Praha 2 | Jipka Butovice - Praha 5 | Jipka Palmovka – Praha 8. You can also find us in Plzeň, Rokycany and České Budějovice.

Why choose Jipka Language School?

  • Variety – we teach 53 languages
  • Established company – we have been here since 1998
  • Quality teachers – all our teachers have the appropriate qualifications and undergo annual methodology seminars
  • Individual approach to all students – maximum groups of 10 students
  • Convenient location of our branches
    • Praha: Jipka Národní – Praha 1 | Jipka Flora – Praha 3 | Jipka I. P. Pavlova – Praha 2 | Jipka Butovice – Praha 5 | Jipka Palmovka – Praha 8.
    • Plzeň: Jipka Plzeň – Rooseveltova 10/9
    • Rokycany: Jipka Rokycany – Malé náměstí 100
    • České Budějovice: Jipka České Budějovice – Karla IV. 3
    • Comprehensive Language Serviceslanguage school, translations and interpreting, post-secondary studies, guided tours, study abroad 
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Jipka Národní
Jipka Národní

Národní 416/37
110 00 Praha 1
Palác Platýz (4. patro)

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+420 224 210 422

Mon - Thu: 8:30-19:00

Fri: 8:30-15:30

Lunch break: 12:00-12:30

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