Language Teachers

Jipka language school is seeking suitable candidates for the position of language teacher. 


  • perfect language knowledge
  • professionalism
  • teaching experience
  • time flexibility, punctuality and reliability
  • the desire to work on a long-term basis and to provide top quality performance during individual lessons as well as within the overall concept and long-term results of our company.


  • long-term work,
  • job security
  • competitive salary
  • the opportunity to learn another language at cost price
  • a friendly work team
  • continuous improvement of teaching skills
  • other benefits. 

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Jipka Národní

Národní 416/37
110 00 Praha 1
Palác Platýz (4. patro)

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224 210 422

Mon-Thu: 8:30-19:00

Fri: 8:30-15:30

Lunch break: 12:00-12:30

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